Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Art Every Day: D is for Design and Drawing

Check out the new blog design! I hope it makes things easier to see and find.

Redesigning this page should count as my creative art for the day .... but noooo. Today was my botanical drawing class with teacher Jill Jeffers Goodell and I had the chance to spend the morning drawing carrots with pen and ink.
I think it is fair to say that drawing is not my strong suit. I prefer to slop the colors down and see what appears. But, D is also for Discipline and I get so much out of the time I spend focused on carefully drawing, I know I am seeing the results in my paintings.
If drawing a carrot was not enough of a challenge, drawing in pen and ink put it over the top. The reason I LOVE pastel is that it is so forgiving, Make a mistake, make it go away - nobody knows but you.
In pen and ink, my messy tendencies resulted in an ugly stain at the bottom of the page. So - D was also for Determination today. I was determined to post this picture, so, I brought it into Photoshop and figured out a way to edit out the stain. Cool.