Thursday, November 4, 2010

Art Every Day: E is for Errors and Eye Appeal

Day 5
My husband believes that for art to be "good" it has to be attractive to the eye, even pretty. I am not sure I totally agree, but I do know that the images I like definitely fit my own criteria for beautiful. Color - vibrant and rich - always grabs my eye.

As I work to build my skills and generate work, I often look at art - at galleries and art shows, online and in my art books. There are times that I look at technically perfect and highly detailed images, that certainly took time and effort to create, but - for some reason they leave me cold. Other times, I see things that I love, not for their perfection, but for some hard to identify quality that simply speaks to me. I guess that is what I mean by eye appeal.

Which brings me to errors. My Iphone camera is my constant companion. It is the tool I use to capture the world of beauty that surrounds me. It is also the first step to much of my artwork. This summer I was trying to take pix of the hops that grow in our garden. Something distracted me and the camera slipped. However, as I saw it go by, I realized that the image I had captured in error was a potential pastel painting.

It was an interesting experience to try to paint a picture that is deliberately out of focus. I love the colors on this one.

How do you define good art?