Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art Every Day: C is for Cezanne

Day 3: Perhaps it is the result of painting apples, or even today's pears, but all this fruitfulness brings Cezanne to mind - and reminds me of one of my favorite art classes (Painting in Pastels, at PNCA).
One of our assignments was to select a section from a masterwork and copy it. I chose to work from pastels by Mary Cassatt and Degas (always an overachiever, I did the assignment three times).
So, today, I decided to seek some inspiration from studying Cezanne's painted apples. To the internet ...
My first click brought me to a wonderful website from the Metropolitan Museum of Art "Cezanne's Astonishing Apples" It is perfect for kids, with its "Look Closely" feature. But perfect also for me - I got to look, in detail, at his painting, Apples and Primroses, hear a nice story about his life, and learn how Cezanne approached his work.
My time spent with Cezanne also helped me understand the challenge I had while painting these pears. One is shiny, two are are not. I am still playing with it to get the light and the colors to work. I did this one on a dark grey Canson Mi Tiente. I like the way the dark color supports the bright white in the foreground.