Wednesday, November 30, 2016

AaBbCc Dd Delicate Details

Another year another challenge. Done and done.

I missed the last three days, but I do want to post a final piece to complete 2016. This floral photo is so delicate in color, shape and detail - it seems like the perfect way to close this year's challenge.

I don't know what these are - but I loved them the moment I saw them, and captured their beauty with my camera.

Thanks everyone for the beautiful and varied art you have shared. Thanks for kind comments and helpful tips.

Till next year.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Z is for buZZ

Today is Z day, and I have very little to say that relates to this difficult letter - but I do have this glorious rose drawing complete with buzzing bee to share.

This was drawn with color pencil on vellum and then I digitally added a color overlay to give it extra zip and zest.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Y is for Yesterday

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day if you don't count the torrential rains that fell throughout the day. They barely dampened the pleasures of my favorite holiday.

And, of course, dinner was delicious; the birthday boy was too.

Yesterday made me happy - so it is no surprise that the art that appeared today - a combination of painting and digital effects -  resulted in a garden of vibrant colors.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

X is for eXquisite

I found this exquisite double white rose on a single twig of a rose bush hiding among the weeds in my garden last summer. I have never seen a double rose before.

Since I will not be making art today, instead, I will be cooking and eating and celebrating, I am sharing this beautiful sample of nature's art.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

W is for White

My mother grew gardenias on the fire escape of our Bronx apartment. Every June our home filled with the intense and gorgeous perfume wafting from the crystal bowl where she floated the clipped blossoms.

I have not inherited her green thumb, and all of my attempts to grow the flowers, much less keep the plants alive have failed miserably. Until this summer.

Two Mother's Day ago, my daughter gave me a lovely little gardenia plant (one more chance) and somehow this one not only lived, but thrived, and low and behold, one year later, bloomed. This is one of the beauties that resulted, preserved now in memory and photograph,

On this day before Thanksgiving, this white flower helps me remember all of those I am thankful for.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

V is for Vacation

To me no vacation feels right unless it is includes time enjoying the sea and sky.

I am lucky. I get to spend the winters where the beaches are beautiful and the sun shines most days. Best of all, I get to watch the sun rise and set over the Pacific almost daily.

And everyday, I try to capture the ever changing beauty with my camera, When I get home, I continue to enjoy my vacation by revisiting the beautiful skies in my art.

This pastel piece is drawn on a sheet of beautiful
turquoise Canson Mi Tiente paper that I bought while on vacation. I love the way the background color of the paper enriches the overall image - making it easy to recreate the light on the water and in the clouds.

Monday, November 21, 2016

U is for Undo

One of the reasons I became completely enamored with creating digital art is the UNDO button.

Before I had the ability to step back in time and remove or rethink, my art process was a constant interior battle between what I envisioned with what actually appeared. Then  I began learning to use CorelDraw.

I was so engrossed in the process of learning this new and fascinating skill that it began to color my non-digital life. I recall planting flowers in my garden, placing one in the wrong location and thinking I could simply click and start again.

Now years have passed and I have mastered many new digital art tools, but the pleasure of being able to step back and do it again, without ruining the whole, or figuring out how to work the error into the finished piece has never dimmed. I am not perfect - but the undo buttom helps me create better work.

Now if only it worked on other aspects of reality ...

This little floral was created in Art Rage using several different brushes to create the different shapes and lines.