Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Aa is for Art Supplies

I always introduce an assortment of art supplies in my classes because I want my students to learn what each can do - pastels are rich in color but messy. Some love them (I do) but others hate the dust. Acrylic are always popular, as are acrylic pens. Actually, pens and markers of all sorts are among my favorites - and I've used several different types for the work I have created this month.

Extra fine sharpies in many colors are perfect for my line drawings - but have a limited variety of colors (especially if you use them often.) I love my two sided PrismaColor markers - but they are a little too heavy for the more delicate pieces I've been creating lately. One down-side of using any marker is worrying that the color will hold outa for the entire piece. Though this rarely happens, it is always a concern.

Last night I used Arteza Real Brush pens to color this one-line floral. These are blendable, water-based ink. Thanks to my generous husband I have a set of 48 colors. A wonderful array. I like the tip which is essentially a brush and can be used for narrow lines or wide spaces, and can be worked with water. These were fun to use and I am happy with the warm colors I used.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Z is for Zooming through November

I'm up to Z - its almost Thanksgiving. Time is flying.

On this busy day, I made some time to draw a series of  one-line images - using my floral paintings on the wall as inspiration.

 I liked the idea of using the one-line approach in a new way. My students will love this, too.

After drawing several sketches, I chose this one to fill with lines and color. I brought it into my digital tools to add a filter of color to enhance the autumn palette of the bouquet.

Monday, November 25, 2019


Yesterday was eXtra busy which is Y I did not post anything. This is today's project - based on a monotype print. Working on the print, I did some overpainting to pop the colors and add detail, but kept the soft loose feel.

I am imagining this bouquet on the Thanksgiving table. 

Saturday, November 23, 2019

W is for Walk

We went for a walk today, in the park where we usually go to walk the dogs, enjoy the lingering fall weather, and watch what is happening in the natural forest habitat.

Today, a ray of sun illuminated this amazing wasp nest hanging like a giant pineapple in a tree.

We've been watching this nest increase in size for weeks, but this was the first time its odd shape and crown of ferns was caught in sunlight bright enough for me to capture this photo.

Also enjoying the sun was this charming squirrel. We actually caught him snoozing - but he opened his eyes with a smile. I took both of these pics, but my husband takes the credit for spotting both the nest and the squirrel.  It was a good walk.

Friday, November 22, 2019


Being creative today was frustrating. I tried this and that. Tried to put anything to the letter V - violet came to mind but no idea came to back it up.

I poked around in some of my sketch books and came across a little line drawn floral. I used markers to color - but it was nothing special. I did another - still meh.

Finally, I  brought the image into my computer and messed around with different filters and tools. Now this I like. So - V is for very glad I'm done for today.

Thursday, November 21, 2019


I don't know what U is for today. I do know that when I sat down to make some art, this is what has appeared.

 This flower combines watercolor, pens, a pinch of salt and a tweak of digital. I had no plan, and I like the results. They, are unexpected.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

T is for Turkey

What does an art teacher teach on the week before Thanksgiving? Turkeys of course. They are a perennial favorite, and appropriate for all ages because there are endless ways to render the shape and the feathers. This is one I did as an example -one of several. I used markers to get the texture and lines.

I enjoy playing with patterns in the feathers, and wings, and creating personality in the faces.

Turkeys were a hit with my seniors yesterday, and I anticipate equal success with the kids today.