Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Aa is for Art Supplies

I always introduce an assortment of art supplies in my classes because I want my students to learn what each can do - pastels are rich in color but messy. Some love them (I do) but others hate the dust. Acrylic are always popular, as are acrylic pens. Actually, pens and markers of all sorts are among my favorites - and I've used several different types for the work I have created this month.

Extra fine sharpies in many colors are perfect for my line drawings - but have a limited variety of colors (especially if you use them often.) I love my two sided PrismaColor markers - but they are a little too heavy for the more delicate pieces I've been creating lately. One down-side of using any marker is worrying that the color will hold outa for the entire piece. Though this rarely happens, it is always a concern.

Last night I used Arteza Real Brush pens to color this one-line floral. These are blendable, water-based ink. Thanks to my generous husband I have a set of 48 colors. A wonderful array. I like the tip which is essentially a brush and can be used for narrow lines or wide spaces, and can be worked with water. These were fun to use and I am happy with the warm colors I used.


  1. that's a glorious page, how beautiful you represented the other flower pictures as well
    I wish you a nice day!

  2. Toby, this is beautiful. You achieved a great result with reasonably priced products, which is super. I'm so sorry I've been missing your posts. I keep forgetting to check the additions when I get up...this time difference plays havoc. You've been creating some amazing things...I've had a good look!
    Cath x

    1. Thank you Cath. It’s always an interesting process to create and share daily. It does stimulate ideas ( and angst too )