Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I is for Inspiration

It starts with an impulse to draw something -

As an art teacher I constantly think about ways to bring new ideas and techniques to my classes. I like to offer my students many alternatives for expressing their ideas. So we work in lots of different mediums and experiment with many different approaches.

The other day, as I was looking for a recipe in my Polish cookbook, I was instantly inspired by the beautiful paper cut patterns that decorate the pages.I had an idea.

In my classes, everybody likes to work with markers, and we have a good collection to work with in both places where I teach, so, instead of cooking, I grabbed my PrismaColor markers and played with the paper pattern ideas.

No matter what my intent, I find that working with markers always result in patterning with lines - before I knew it - I had a page filled with leaves and flowers -