Tuesday, November 8, 2016

H is for "Highly Realistic" (or maybe hope)

I created this image with the Oil tools and brushes in Art Rage.

After downloading and playing with the free Art Rage Oils app, I invested $4.99 to purchase the full program. This is clearly the premier painting program available for Android users, described as "natural painting software." In my opinion, it totally lives up to its promise of "highly realistic" painting tools.

To create this sunset (sunrise?), I played with various brush choices and of course, colors. I loved the way this tool allows me to blend colors, choose hues and tints within the color menu, highlight parts with thin and delicate overlays, scratch through the paint with a thin brush, and all in all - have a very satisfying and higlly realistic painting experience.

Just what I needed on this horrific election day - here's hoping for a happy outcome - for all of us.