Saturday, November 7, 2015

G is for Generating Lots of Ideas

Step 3
One of the fundamental aspects of creativity is the ability to generate MANY ideas. This is best accomplished without self judgement, and with a spirit of "whatever happens will be a lesson unto itself."

Because I am focusing on creativity in this AEDM challenge as well as in my classes, I am trying to learn to practice what I preach  - emphasizing the importance of play as part of the creative process. I also have lessons to plan.

I needed a simple project for my seniors today, and I am thinking about symmetry. So, in the spirit of letting the ideas flow, I began by dividing a page, writing my name is lovely script to fill one half of the space and repeating on the other side.

I liked the shapes, so I added lines to fill the space and create inner shapes.  I went over all of this with black sharpie. Then I colored with Caran D'ache crayons in a limited palette - remembering to do on one side what I do on the other. This would work for my seniors.

Step 1
Usually I paint over Caran D'ache with a brush. But I felt lazy and had an idea to try as a short cut. I wet a layer of paper towel and laid it over the drawing to see what would happen - and magic appeared. I created an accidental monotype print on the paper towel. Ideas began popping in all directions.

Step 2
First, I realized that this "printing" method would be a hit with my seniors. Easy to do, and a great way to talk about symmetry (and with great potential for a landscape with reflections for another day.)

Next, I realized that this is a perfect way to create unique fabric design in my fashion art classes. Then I started to play with the printed paper towel - bringing it into Photoshop to mess around. The results at the top are a digital painting created with lots of filters and techniques.

What a great night - I played for hours.