Friday, November 6, 2015

F is for Flowers

I love to paint flowers - simple abstract flower forms, botanical reproductions, single flowers, lush pastels, huge painted bouquets, I love them all. My flower paintings line the walls of my home and fill me with joy.

When I am in teacher mode, flowers are a great way to teach about how geometric forms and simple shapes can combine to create dazzling beauty. And then of course, there is the color!

I like to work with a limited palette, and in my classes, this approach nearly eliminates the muddy mixes and disharmony that can happen with too many choices.

This little painting in acrylic is  9"x12" on canvas board. It did not seem to "gel" until I added the white lines and repainted the vase with turquoise (not in the original palette.) I'm the teacher, I can break the rules.