Thursday, November 20, 2014

T is for Teaching Today

This is the second snake project I have worked on today. The first was in my senior class - where I actually taught a simplified version of the very LONG project I worked on yesterday.

Clearly, the inspiration of the week is reptilian, in honor of my grandson who is snake mad and turning four this weekend.

Patchistan Snake by Carol
Because of his passion, I have looked at snakes, talked about snakes, played with toy snakes, watched snake videos, read snake books, drawn snakes for him to color, and visited snake stores. It might not be my first choice of subject, but I guess snakes, and their shape and pattern, have gotten under my skin.

Yesterday I spent the day creating a four foot long snake word/drawing as a giant birthday card. I loved the process and I knew the patterning and simple shape would make for a great art project for my afternoon class.

Stanley Snake by Winnie
The results were wonderful (as you can see)  - and fun to do.

So much fun in fact, that as soon as I got home I knew I had to do another snake for myself. This one is smaller than my last, only two feet long.  I drew it with sharpie, colored with Prismacolor markers (I love to work with these), patterned with fine lines and gently tweaked the end result in Photoshop.

Today was one of those days where teacher and student are perfectly blended and rendered in full glorious color.