Monday, November 21, 2016

U is for Undo

One of the reasons I became completely enamored with creating digital art is the UNDO button.

Before I had the ability to step back in time and remove or rethink, my art process was a constant interior battle between what I envisioned with what actually appeared. Then  I began learning to use CorelDraw.

I was so engrossed in the process of learning this new and fascinating skill that it began to color my non-digital life. I recall planting flowers in my garden, placing one in the wrong location and thinking I could simply click and start again.

Now years have passed and I have mastered many new digital art tools, but the pleasure of being able to step back and do it again, without ruining the whole, or figuring out how to work the error into the finished piece has never dimmed. I am not perfect - but the undo buttom helps me create better work.

Now if only it worked on other aspects of reality ...

This little floral was created in Art Rage using several different brushes to create the different shapes and lines.