Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inspired by Sunshine

I will be teaching some art workshops this summer - drawing and painting classes in the garden, so I 've been feeling the need to polish my flower drawing skills. To do this, I have been drawing flowers in color pencil and charcoal. But yesterday, my gift to myself arrived, a set of 48 Conte Pastel Pencils.

When I was a child my FAVORITE gift was a box of 48 crayolas. That brand new box, filled with these fantastic colors (sepia, goldenrod, prussian blue, magenta, burnt sienna) was irresistible. I don't even remember what I drew or colored. I do remember the delight and possibility of those pristine, fragrant crayons in my hand.)

Anyway, I like new colors, and I especially like my new pastel set. It is gorgeous and the thick pencils feel great in my hand. Combine the sunshine, my practice drawing daisies, and my new colors, and you get this sketch. It is on drawing paper and I think it is very cheery.