Sunday, November 16, 2014

P is for Process, (I really mean Play)

Word/drawing again. Same process which is mostly like playing around.

I draw words around a letter, paying attention to the shapes of the letters. There is plenty for me to say about the letter P - starting with my name. This time I kept the image small and simpler so I did not need to crop it, in fact focused more than before on composition.

Once in Photoshop I continued as I have this week, placing colors on layers and within spaces. When I add color, whether with ink or crayon or Photoshop I ignore the words and only attend to the shapes I see, applying color to create the picture I see on the page.

I wanted this piece to be filled with light and tried to keep larger blocks of color and fewer lines to keep it simple. I think this piece is joyful.

Every time I repeat this process, I find something new.