Monday, November 8, 2010

Art Every Day: I is for Iris - Goddess of the Rainbow

Day 9
I was introduced to the irresistible beauty of irises by a friend at work many years ago. His entire tiny urban front yard produced a veritable rainbow of exquisite blooms each spring. Every day during the season, he'd bring irises to the office, some for each of the ladies. I was enchanted.

Some blooms huge, some tiny, some fragrant, some flagrantly sensual. I was amazed by the second bloom that appeared after the first wilted. Most of all, it was the colors that attracted me to these flowers. No wonder they are named for the Iris, the Winged Goddess of the Rainbow.

Later, camera in hand, I discovered another aspect of the iris's magnificence - the shapes, the curves, the delicacy. I could go on and on ... but instead of telling you, I will show my version of this goddess flower. This is color pencil on vellum - but I brought the finished image into Photoshop and dropped in the turquoise background (iris in the sky?)

As I worked on this I made another discovery. It took a rainbow of colors to paint this red flower.