Tuesday, November 12, 2013

L is for Learning Curve

I am completely fascinated by the process of learning how to create printed images. Everyday it seems that I am discovering more possibilities. I am interested in this not only for my own work, but as a way for my senior class to work as well. I think the element of surprise and the potential for working on top of the printed image have lots to offer this group.

So I have been practicing what I am learning (through classes, books and videos.)

To create this image, I reused the "ghost" of the earlier cat I painted on this sheet of Plexiglas. The ghost is the paint or ink that remains on the glass after the image has been transferred (printed) onto wet paper.

As I worked with the image I realized I could change and enhance and play with the earlier cat. Because the first image is on the bottom, everything I put on top will be stronger on the new print. This seems easy enough to understand, but I felt like I was discovering all these ideas as I worked along. I loved the sensation of growing understanding as I played with the paint. I learned, for example,  that the new layer of gouache paint adheres better to the ghost paint than to the plain Plexiglas (or other material.) I also discovered how much of the ghost makes its presence known on the second image.

I liked this process so well I have tried several more - using different patterns and materials. I also figured out that I could scratch or draw texture into the paint. I can't wait to play some more.
The Top Cat is the print - you can see the texture. The bottom is the painted plate.