Monday, November 11, 2013

K is for Kitchen Art

There is nothing as beautiful as the colors and shapes of fruits and vegetables in season.

One of my favorite ongoing art projects is emptying my farmer's market bag or garden basket onto my kitchen counter and playing with the produce, planning meals, and creating groupings to photograph. I love the strong colors (I believe in eating the rainbow), the variations in color (which orange is really orange?), the shapes and the compositions that naturally appear.

I have taken  hundreds of photos of my food groupings. And spent hours in my garden or at the farmer's market framing and shooting images. Some just call out to be drawn or painted; oranges and apples especially for some reason call out for pastels. Onions too.

The one on this page is just a collection of the fruit planned for the week. Yum. Pastel on Canson MiTiente. 9"x11"