Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Aa is for Another (Zentangle) Abstract

How fun is this? I started with the idea of a symmetrical floral-ish design I found among the zentangle patterns - but, never one to follow the rules or the recipe, I soon adjusted it to become a flower.

All the zentangles I have seen so far seem to be black lines with color added. Really stunning and strong. What I especially like about them are the varied patterns that surround the main pattern.

So, though I chose to work in color, I followed overall idea by extending the flower lines (fractured images come to mind) and filled each area with a different color scheme and pattern. I love doing this. This is the art of my childhood, the doodles that filled my notebooks and my ongoing obsession with lines and florals all rolled into one fun art form. I am going back for more. So, watch this space tomorrow to see what appears.