Monday, November 26, 2012

Z is for Zentangle

As I mentioned yesterday, I was at a loss for a Z idea. Zugzwang anyone? Zebra? Zebra put me in mind of lines. Thinking about lines, I remembered that I when I posted a line drawing earlier in the alphabet, someone commented that it looked like Zentangles. I never heard of them, so I looked them up.

As stated on the website, "Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns." Its like the official version of what I like to do ... something that combines design, doodling and finding shapes and worlds within shapes. Only who knew?

Immediately I watched a YouTube video, and understood that there are thousands of patterns and methods - all at a tap of my keyboard. They are incredibly beautiful - like fonts - each expressing a style or feeling. And, like fonts, combined to make words and convey ideas. COOOOOOOLLLLL.

So I have been looking and reading and admiring all day. I drew several patterns into my sketchbook. Looking for a clean page, it opened to a drawing I had begun last year - combining mandala and pattern of lines. I had colored different sections with soft pastel. I saw those empty shapes and I thought, Zentangle sampler. While looking through patterns on line, I tried them out on the spaces in the drawing. I drew with fine point colored markers that coordinated with the undercolor.

I feel as if I stumbled onto exactly the concept that my ideas have been waiting for. I am already well into another drawing and can't wait to see where this discovery of beautiful pattern ideas will take me.

Today's creative leap is the reason I do this challenge. By combining the inspiration and input from other participants, the push of daily practice, and constant attention to the art I will make next, I occasionally come to a place where I feel a have taken a leap. Today was like that.