Sunday, January 29, 2012


City Life
I am preparing a new class for a new, and older audience, so I have been considering ways to offer my students some accessible and fun projects that will encourage them to want to play with art, and make it a regular and enjoyable part of their lives.

In my own studio, I am still struggling to create strong abstract images with acrylics. To help, and to free my creative juices, I  am currently working through some of the exercises in a book, Painting Abstracts, by Rolina a Van Vliet. I have found the most success by following her suggestions for using lines to create interesting and dynamic compositions. She also has ideas for using different media to create with - and basically, if she mentions it, I have it somewhere in my collection of art supplies - my favorite toys.

So, this week's work has turned out to be a productive one. I played with some new techniques, tried out some new color pencils, and developed several project ideas that I think will please my new class. All this while having a fun and relaxing time being creative.

Next in Line(s)
The top image, (10x12 on heavy watercolor paper) combines marker with water color pencil and water to get a variety of textures.

The bottom is the same size, but done in a combination of color markers and color pencils. I especially enjoyed using lines to create shapes and motion, and then building color in cross hatches and overlays. Fun ...