Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hang 'Em High

It was hard work made light by six able hands, a good ladder, a tape measure and a level. Many thanks to Hanna Hofer (Programming/Public Relations) of the Canby Public Library for inviting me to show my work and helping to get it onto the walls.

Each time I hang my work the process is a little different , and is an opportunity to see the effects of different lighting and different arrangements on the paintings. In this open and airy space, it only took a little rearranging until we all seemed to agree that we had it right. Everything was in place.

Now all I need is eyes.

Art is a funny thing - it seems to me that either you see it or you don't. So many times I have watched people simply walk by work on walls - in shops, building corridors, offices and my home gallery - oblivious to the art. Hanging day was no different. As we worked people came in an out of the library - picking up and dropping off books, always stopping to glance at and sometimes watch the  large TV screen that graces a main wall (yes, that is the Donald on the screen (:-()), but no one stopped to look at the flowers. That was a disappointment. Nonetheless, I loved putting the labels on the wall and knowing that someone soon will see the art for what I intend it to be - joy on the walls.

The show will be in place until the end of July, Canby is a lovely town, the library (220 NE 2nd Ave, Canby, OR 97013 is great, and there are lots of things along way - dahlia farms, the fabulous ferry, peach orchards and a farm stand - so come on down. The ladies are waiting.