Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's Show Time

It's Summer!
I have been madly and excitedly preparing for a show of my paintings, starting on June 1. Several months ago I was thrilled to be asked to provide the summer art for a new and beautiful library in Canby Oregon. Seventeen pieces! That's a lot.

I soon discovered that the process of getting ready for this show has gone beyond painting. Though I had much work ready, I wanted to add several new pieces. These are the largest pieces, and I think they fit the theme and style of the rest.

One of the most challenging aspects of showing work is framing. Frames add cost, and lock in a style. Since I am showing several already framed pieces, including a series of six pieces in simple black frames, I decided to stay consistent.

Frames are expensive and the simple styles I like are not always available without being custom made.  However, I find that Amazon Prime is becoming go-to source of pretty much whatever I need. I spent a morning researching available frames and was beyond pleased to discover an excellent collection, without glass (which is always included when I buy locally), reasonably priced, and delivered to my door, for free. Some even included hardware. I will definitely go this again. So, that problem was solved.

I wrote and submitted an artist statement and soon came to the next challenge - coming up with names, and even more difficult, prices.  I know that names are important, but how many ways can you describe flowers in a vase? To determine prices I read several articles on line. I hope I've gotten it right.

Seventeen named and priced pieces is a lot to keep track of.  So, since working visually helps me know what I am doing, I created a table in Word - complete with image, title, material, price and artist name (that's me!). Then I printed labels for the display, and checked my paintings to be sure each includes all needed info on the actual canvas backs.

Tomorrow, with my husband's help, I deliver and hang the show. I envision all of my bright and beautiful flowers enlivening the walls of the library for all who come to read, or check out books, or simply get out of the summer heat. I hope you will be among the visitors.

Tomorrow I will write about hanging the art, and include some pix. See you then.