Wednesday, November 5, 2014

E is for Experimenting Everyday

tobi kibel piatek
Keep Moving
Creating and teaching art everyday leaves lots of room for experimentation.

Lately, I am enjoying the "take a line for a walk"  technique I wrote about earlier. I keep coming back to this easy abstract approach whenever I am stuck for an idea.

To keep me moving forward, I set limits and rules on each piece - in this case (and usually) I limit my palette. I also used warms going one way and cools the other.  This allowed me to play with blending in different ways. Then, when I feel done with the color layer, I add line and pattern.

I really like these results. It is fun to do, adds the element of surprise at what appears, and offers a great lesson in color and blending when I share it with students. This approach is also starting to show up in my paintings.

Keep Moving is 9x12 on board with paint, oil pastel and caran 'dache