Tuesday, November 4, 2014

D is for Dark

Dark Street
It rained yesterday, and rained and rained. The extra long day, and the stay indoors weather allowed me lots of time to play.

Last week I had my Senior artists create Trick or Treat Street Scenes. We drew simple houses along a street, colored heavily with oil pastel, added a big moon in the sky and went over all with black watercolor paint. The results were terrific.

By Holly
One of the pieces (by Holly)  was so lovely it inspired me to revisit this project for myself (and my Monday kid classes.)
Dark Street was my result. I think the watercolor I used was too intense - it soaked the paper, but I do think I succeeded in creating a night scene. There is much I like about this image, and there was more time to play, so I  continued to work with it  - this time in Photoshop.

The second variation is called Rain. I just added some texture to the background and rebalanced the color and light. I love the things that can happen with digital tools.

Making art was a wonderful way to enjoy my dark and rainy day.