Friday, November 8, 2013

H is for Hue

My friend Lynne says I have a "pagan love of color." I think she is right. When I paint and draw, 95% of the time I am just working toward the moment when I can break out the colors and the fun begins.
My studio (heck, my whole house) vibrates with the colors I love - no browns and subtle tones for me - check out my work and you can see I love the bright colors, the shimmering shades of light and flowers and jewels.

When I teach art, no matter what else is on the agenda, I teach about color. Of course I bring out the color wheel, but most of all, I let the students learn through their eyes and hands. We frequently have color mixing exercises that include generating strips of all the possible colors we can create with just a few squirts of paint.

Another way I help them to see color is by using some of the wonderful digital tools that allow me to manipulate images that I can print and use of teaching tools.

The floral on the bottom is an original sketch done in heavy oil pastels to demonstrate warm colors on a cool background. Its reverse is also vibrant - cool on warm. I created both of these to help me better understand and articulate the concepts I want to teach.

HUES  are the family of twelve purest and brightest colors.
  • Three Primary Colors
  • Three Secondary Colors
  • Six Tertiary Colors
They form the full spectrum of colors which progress around the Primary Color Wheel in gradual increments.
from The Color Wheel Artist