Thursday, November 3, 2011

C is for Calligraphic Images and Contrasting Colors

I've been taking a fabulous abstract painting class at Portland Community College. I plan to write more about it later, but every day I am inspired by something I am learning. One of the lessons involved creating images from calligraphy. So, using my best handwriting, on  24x30" canvas, I wrote a word that is meaningful to me - in two directions, reversing across themselves.

The other part of the assignment was to use a limited palette, so I chose colors so  contrasting they seem to vibrate off of each other - adding black or white, I got a full array of shades to work with.

I find the results are fascinating - no matter which direction I turn the painting, I  marvel at the variety of figures and creatures I see in the painted shapes - and the funny thing is, they are totally related to the word I chose.