Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Most Inspired Idea of 2009

One of my most inspired ideas in 2009 was a last minute decision to take a class in Pastels at the Lake Oswego Parks and Rec. The catalog listed several tempting possibilities, but the perfect timing, and a dimly remembered drawing done with pastels clarified the choice. What a good a decision this turned out to be. Not only did I have a wonderful time in the class, I found a new passion - painting with pastels.

Over the past few months, since beginning this class, I’ve covered the walls of my studio/office with bright colored paintings, filled my drawers with vibrant pastels (hard, soft and pencils) and learned an array of new lessons about creativity, learning a new skill, facing challenges, about how tools and skills from one arena of my life can support and enhance another. Most of all, I’ve been reminded of how a new passion can brighten the dreariest days.

I have also learned practical skills, discovered great resources for materials, read books, viewed videos, found classes, met artists, looked at art work online, in galleries and studios, and developed some really cool ways to use technology - starting with my new constant companion, my Iphone camera.

What I am learning is too good not to share, so to start the New Year off right, I am adding a new category to this blog - Art Inspirations. And, since this is the perfect time for readers to get inspired as well, I am including links to some of the wonderful variety of community art classes beginning this month around Portland. I’ve already signed up for two. Hope to see your there.

PNCA Pacific Northwest College of Art
Just spending time looking at class offerings (for adults, youth and teens, and 50+) is an inspiration. These classes are always top quality, and so is the atmosphere of PNCA - I just love to wander the halls looking at what’s on the walls.

PCC - Community Education (Creative Arts)
There are pages of offerings at PCC - workshops, classes, lots of varieties, different locations around the city, and the prices are just right.

Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation offers a wide variety of classes & activities for preschoolers through seniors, all designed to help you Get Creative!, Get Interested!, Get Moving!, Get Outdoors!, and Discover Active Living. View the latest catalog on-line.

Can you recommend any other resources? Have you taken any great classes? What ideas have inspired you to get creative?