Monday, November 6, 2017

F is for Fashion

My Art of Fashion class, for ages 10-14 starts again on Wednesday. As part of my prep (and because I love it) I watch Project Runway.

This week the theme was Winter - the designers were told to create something high-fashion and warm. I was inspired. The designers all did something fabulous - but today, I am a contender with this Russian influenced design.  I love this coat that I've drawn (in color pencil and ultra fine sharpie.)

Though I am happy to now live in a warmer place than the frigid New York City of my art student days, I still believe a great looking coat can cover a dull outfit, or brighten a bleak winter day.

Because I am also mad for red boots and shoes - I added those. Sometimes its simply fun to use myself as a client. Now if only I could sew.

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