Tuesday, November 24, 2015

X is for eXpression: Creative that is



  1. relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work: 
This Art Everyday Month Challenge is fascinating. 
Every year it is an opportunity to see, admire and be inspired by the creative work and ideas of a highly diverse group of people. This year especially, I am noticing artists from around the world.

 How wonderful that people of different ages, styles and skill levels are all brave enough to express their creative selves to the world. 

To keep within my X theme, I would say that the work is eXcellent, eXciting and eXtremely well done. 

I appreciate the eXtraordinary effort involved in being creative every day. So, for today, something 
eXtra lovely to share- flowers - a digital photo from a summer walk-through at the Farmer's Market.