Wednesday, November 18, 2015

R is for Resist

This being November and Oregon, it has be RAINING .... a lot. The grey skies and constant broken light inspired this fun project which I call "Make it Rain." I used this in all of my art classes last week with consistently great results.

First, we create a place - in my senior classes I demonstrated a street of houses on a horizon line. These were colored heavily with bright colored oil pastel. I reminded students that any area that was to remain white needed to be covered with white oil pastel. Then we covered the entire image with a coat of black water color. Voila! It's raining.

We had great results in all the classes. My younger kids followed the houses on a street pattern. My older kids took the opportunity to create their own imaginary and highly original "places." Almost everyone loved the effect of the watercolor resist.

Maybe next time we will bring on the sun.