Monday, November 9, 2015

I is for Inspiration

We spent the winter traveling, "snowbirding" - spending our time in places where the sun shone and the weather was warm.

We traveled along down Route One - along the Pacific coast. Such beauty I hated to blink my eyes in case I might miss something.

So, I started to take pictures. Whether on the beach or in the desert, I found that I was drawn to taking pictures of the ever changing sky. Sunrise, sunsets, sunny days and stormy ones. In spite of my goal to draw or paint every day, our travel time was busy, our camper small, and I soon realized that my art was being created with my camera.

No matter where we were, I watched the sky -  the way colors change as the light grows or fades, how water and sky can blend together or reflect each other in different ways, and how different the colors are in a desert sky. Now, just looking at my photos returns me to a different place and time.

This photo was taken on the California coast on a day that could not seem to make up its mind. The color of the clouds and the light on the horizon was truly so beautiful I almost forgot to try to capture it.

I love working with my camera - for me this process is both inspiration and instant gratification.