Wednesday, November 4, 2015

D is for Design

Long before I considered myself an artist, I knew I was a designer. Even as a small child I enjoyed putting colors and shapes together to create something to please my eye. This had a tendency to get me in trouble because I drew, doodled and colored  all over everything - including my notebooks and compositions.

My long list of career titles has included design words such as graphic, photographic, book, website, instructional, jewelry and fashion. I have designed everything from earrings to Rose Festival floats. And so much more.

So, though try as I might to be "painterly", my design training and work continue to influence my art. I can never get enough of line. Drawing them, adding them, overpainting them to create texture. One look at the images I have posted over the years make it clear that I love the way lines define an image, add interest and texture, or in this case, create the total image.

One of the many benefits of my design training is a nice collection of tools to play with. My french curves were the inspiration for this simple drawing which came about because I often set rules for myself before I begin to draw. In this case I decided on only curves, only lines, no fill, no other pattern, and soft colors.

 I love the energetic result, and it suggests different ideas whichever way I turn it. This is also a lesson idea for my classes which always include a discussion of the elements of design - line is, of course, one of these.