Tuesday, November 18, 2014

R is for Red

Roses are red, and I live in the City of Roses, but I love amaryllis. Roses grow in my garden, but I grow amaryllis bulbs in a sunny garden window. They seem to thrive on my gardening style, also known as benign neglect.

Every year (not at Christmas when they are supposed to bloom, but in deep winter when their beauty and color are most needed)  they thrill me by producing a fabulous circle of huge, glorious red blooms. I have about ten plants that somehow manage to bloom in sequence (clever beauties.)

Year after year I photograph them from every angle and in every light. This piece, created by combining several photos, is my absolute favorite.

So, in honor of R day -  one of my favorite subjects - my beautiful amaryllis.

I love the abstract yet realistic effect - do you see this as flowers?