Wednesday, November 14, 2012

N is for Name

Name One
The Name Game
Once, in a painting class, we explored the idea of using graphic symbols to create patterns. I took this to mean writing. So, often, when at a loss for an idea, I will write a name, in different sizes and at different angles, all across a page or canvas.

Then, I simply begin to fill the shapes that result from the criss-crossing lines. I am always amazed that something that relates to the name I am working with, appears in the image.

I have given this as a design assignment in many different classes, and everyone always loves the idea of playing with their own name and seeing what happens. Its a great exercise for relaxation - allowing you to let go of any notions of what it should be, and allowing it to become whatever it wants to be. This exercise is fun with paint, and, as in the drawing on this page, I like to use fine line markers in a limited palette to create delicate and airy shapes.