Monday, May 7, 2012

A Good Time was had by All

Two paintings
This last series of Dynamic Abstract classes was the most fun of all so far. I loved the chance to really explore the work of several artists - some old favorites, some new to me. I am seeing even familiar works with new eyes as I learn more about abstraction. I especially enjoyed the strong color palette that was part of each week's assignment.

I think another reason I enjoyed this class so much is that I am finally I am beginning to move through my "idiot child" phase into a place of greater confidence - or maybe it is just that I am giving myself permission to just learn and accept the work, good, bad, ugly or beautiful, as it comes. And, to recognize the pure pleasure that comes simply from the act of putting color and line on canvas.

One thing is for sure though, painting (like my other vocation, writing) can be somewhat isolating. So, the chance to meet and work with other artists in my classes adds not only pleasure and fun, but yet another teacher to learn from, another set of eyes to critique - and this class was particularly rich in  inspiring others.

Most of all, the chance to work with Illa Guttman is a privilege - and a pleasure. Thanks Illa for a especially fun class. See you all next week.