Thursday, May 3, 2012

An Experiment

One of the most intriguing techniques I have learned in my painting class is image transfer - laying printed material face down in gel medium, drying it, and removing all the paper and leaving something behind. Frankly it is a tedious process, and I am not sure I am doing it correctly, but it is intriguing.

All week I have been thinking about transferring a floral image from my laser printer completely onto a small canvas. So I did. The transfer left much to be desired (left lots of the image off the canvas), but there was enough to inspire a color palette of reds and greens. These made me think of poppies and bright colored abstract flowers and leaves. I had a great time painting this little canvas - just playing with the color and the paint and the shapes. I am delighted with the simple painting that results. The image beneath the paint is now just some darks and lights that show through, and a texture - subtle, but definitely a presence within the image. I want to play with this technique again.