Friday, March 30, 2012

Creative Kids Create Beauty

The results of the spring break abstract painting workshop are impressive. The rainy days were perfect for painting and learning about artists and the ways they used color and line to express their ideas and feelings. One class focused on Kandinsky and the other on Georgia O'Keefe. Her flowing lines and blending colors were especially inspiring. This lesson was a great way to explore warm and cool colors, and to experiment with color mixing, on the palette and on the page.  This work by Elly is a great  example of the beautiful results. (These were hard to photograph because the heavy paint curled the still damp pages or I would have added more.)

You can't talk about Georgia O'Keefe without talking about giant flowers. The kids chose their own images to draw and paint from a collection of macro flower images. Here again, the paintings were impressive in their detail and color.

Among the resources I had available for exploration was a book that got a lot of attention - What's the Big Idea? Activities and Adventures in ABSTRACT ART by Joyce Raimondo  is filled with ideas for projects for and by kids. I recommend it (and so do your kids.) Here is the link to it on Amazon.

Please follow this site for upcoming class information ... and thank you all for attending.