Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pieces of the Whole

Though I miss the dailiness of doing a painting a day, it has been nice to have some time to work on something larger. I've also had the time to explore a new book (which I will write about soon), and continue with my PCC class.

With everything I learn, I realize more and more clearly, that I am drawn to playing with color, discovering how they interact with each other, and how the combinations can create moods and atmosphere.

This image is a piece of a larger painting -  part of a series I began as A for Abstract. Each time I revisit this theme, I discover new ideas, new palettes, new techniques and new questions about how to bring these paintings to life. I have noticed that there are at least several small lovely areas - each of which might be smaller abstract paintings on its own. I tweaked this in Photoshop to darken the scene ... just for the fun of it.