Tuesday, November 22, 2011

V is for Endless Variations

The next class in the free mandala class series was posted yesterday, and inspired me to try the technique again. One of the key points of yesterday's lesson, made so clear when I look at the work posted on the site, is that mandalas, even those based on identical patterns, offer endless opportunities for variation - in color, in intensity, outline, feeling and emphasis. Once you begin to vary the geometry - the possibilities are infinite - and fun. For today's image, I laid out the design on heavy watercolor paper, and used high quality color pencils. Still, though I layered color on, there is not enough punch. I once again used Photoshop to tweak the image and add the green background.
Clearly, I have not yet found the combination of paper and color materials that will work to create the intensity I desire - but I will keep on trying - I am thinking about pens for the next variation - whatever I choose to try - I am sure it will be fun to discover what appears.