Friday, March 4, 2011

Personal Creativity Comes from Considering How to Stimulate Creative Kids

I am getting ready to teach a Young Artist's Studio over Spring Break. I want to have really fun and interesting projects to offer my students, and I want them to be grounded in the work of famous artists.

One of the things I am always struck by in my Young Rembrandt's classes, is how much young kids love to look at fine art books. Even tiny kids ooh and ahh over Monet and Salvador Dali. So, with this in mind, I've been scouring the library for art books written for young readers. I've noticed that Paul Klee, with his vibrant colors, simple shapes and imaginative images is a very popular subject for these book. I've now spent several hours looking at his work, seeking ideas for the art classroom.

My study has resulted in what I hope will be a totally lively and engaging curriculum, and it has also resulted in a spate of creative production for me. One of Klee's pictures that absolutely grabbed my attention is called, The Groom's Arrival. It is essentially a doodle of overlapping lines loaded with color - that creates the image of a man in a hat - a groom. I knew I had an idea for a lesson - but then, a question popped to mind ... What Would the Bride Wear?

This picture is my answer. WHAT FUN! She seemed to just pour out of my pen. She is colored in oil pastel (a nice medium for kids) on heavyweight drawing paper.

BLOG RECOMMENDATION One outstanding source of inspiration I have found is a blog called Art Projects for Kids . The creativity and sheer artisticness of the projects offered and described are wonderful.

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