Friday, November 19, 2010

Art Every Day: T is for Tinkering

Day 20

I've been working on card design all day, stuck in digital mode. So, to take a break from working with images on my computer, I clicked back over to the Fluid Painter application to continue experimenting with swirls. (In other words, continue working with images :-< )

Today's result was this bouquet of roses. It's funny how just switching gears can be so pleasurable.

I love to tinker around with new programs. I have learned much of what I know about Photoshop and other digital art programs through experimentation and minimal guidance from online tutorials. As a digital designer, some of my best and most unexpected successes have appeared in this way. The chance to play in all sorts of modalities has been one of the greatest benefits of this challenge.

Onward to Day 21.