Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wild Geese Guides: A Literature Resource for Young Readers

I posted a blog about author visits and literacy recently, and, as usual, synchronicity took over. On the same day I posted my piece, children's book author Heather Vogel Frederick, posted the following information about a great resource, Wild Geese Guides, on her blog, Set Sail for Adventure (which, by the way, is another great resource.)

Wild Geese Guides is a blog that features "interviews, discussion guides, book club activities and other reading related content for children's literature." It is a great resource for anyone interested in literacy and literature. This is what Heather had to say about it:
"Attention, teachers, librarians, book club members, parents, and everyone else interested in literature for young readers! My good friend Tracie Vaughn Zimmer has uploaded ALL of her amazing teacher guides onto her new blog, Wild Geese Guides.
Discussion questions, suggested activites, multiple intelligence projects, quiz questions and more abound for over 250 books (including several of mine). This is a fabulous resource — stretching from preschool to high school — and one to bookmark, save, follow, tweet and re-tweet (I’m a twit, but Twitter-less), and share with friends."

Everyday lately I see more blogs offering information and resources for teachers. If you are a teacher, tell us, do you read blogs? Do you use the information you find there? Is this a convenient way to access resources? Do you have ready access to a computer in your classroom? What are some of your favorite teacher resources online?
Thanks - I look forward to reading some of your ideas ...