Wednesday, November 7, 2018

G is for Good Idea

Every so often I learn some new technique, in this case a blend of materials, that results in a great improvement, or solves a problem. I found a great idea in a lesson I found on Pinterest.

I learned that you can both oil and chalk pastels in the same work. Who knew?

 to use oil pastel to outline and soft pastel to fill, I knew I wanted to try this. What makes this such a good idea is that the oil pastel holds the chalk pastel in place somewhat. I like lines and clear delineation between spaces, so to draw this floral, I used black oil pastel to outline on black construction paper and soft pastel in the brightest colors to fill. I rubbed a soft layer of blue chalk  into the background.

I used this method time after time in my summer drawing and painting workshops at MAC, and the results were always excellent.

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