Saturday, November 5, 2016

E is for Emboss Brush

 I spent the day with my almost six year old grandson. He is a most enthusiastic artist, and is as in love with making art on his Android tablet (a gift from a granddad) as I am with mine. So, yesterday, we worked in tandem - in Paint Joy.

To begin, he taught me to draw a pigeon  - his way. He selected the emboss brush - thin to outline and then thick to create rich gooey looking color. We tried different background colors, and noticed how they made the paint colors look different.

With L, all work has a nature theme, which reminded me that I had just taught a lesson on owls to my senior class. Since he'd taught me pigeons, I demoed the steps I use to create an owl. And then we painted.

Can you tell that we had fun?