Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Harvest Time

Now is the time for harvesting - fruit, garden produce and good ideas. One good idea came last night at Speakers Club when Rachel's talked about the value of journaling for 20 minutes everyday to improve mental health and insure happiness. This idea is enhanced by the addition of a keyboard to my new tablet. I am using it now to test whether I can blog with this system.

Adding this image is part of the test - and I can't seem to align it left or move it around - all part of the learning process. Now I have previewed this post and  so far it looks good. Having the ability to use this wonderful system that holds my images and my blog access will make it easy to blog as I travel, and to share inspiring ideas with ease in my classes. So, this is the season for growing too - new skills and new tools that allow me to do some of the things I have wanted to to, but lacked the technology.

One of the issues I am trying to work out is how to transfer images from my phone to my tablet. I managed to bring this pic of my artichoke flowers in and enter it here - but the pic of a large basket of grapes seems lost in space. Nonetheless - and take my word for it - the grape harvest is beyond abundant this year. Another pot of fruit is steaming on the stove for juice right now.