Friday, November 7, 2014

G is for Geraniums

I paint flowers. One room of my home is filled with bright bouquets on canvas.

Flowers add color and beauty. Their shapes are fascinating and ever changing.Though my painted flowers lack fragrance, they still add cheer and warmth to my home.

Looking at the collection of flower images I have created over the years, I seem to go through phases in floral design; sometimes flat and very abstract, sometimes rounder and fuller forms appear.

One of the ways I feel like I am growing (blooming?) as an artist is to practice drawing and sketching flower forms from life or books. When I feel like I understand the shapes and structure I like to simplifying them until the are abstract enough to appeal to my eye and yet "flowery" enough to read as something that actually grew in nature.

In this sketch I am trying to create flowers in different positions to add interest to the composition. I especially like the little red geranium clusters.

 This is watercolor and markers on cotton paper.