Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dd is for Draw First then Digital

I found the basic sketch of these leaves in a drawing pad. Every so often, especially when assessing my paper stock, I come across something I started and never finished. This was a nice leaf design and suited my mood for fall colors. I used color pencils to create layers of color, and the sense of overlapping shapes. Then I added a background pattern more in my current style - and then some lines.

I liked the image. I photographed it and then opened it in Photoshop to play. Once again I am fascinated by the variety of effects I can create from one drawing. Autumn leaves blowing in the wind feels like a good way to finish off this creative month. This image has a feeling of open space and lots of room. I feel a little like that too.

 I have worked hard to create interesting images this month. I feel I have moved forward in my work because I gave myself permission to mess up, mess around, and return to an early love, digital image design. I am excited to continue on this path.

Thanks to all for your help, support, kind words and eyes. Especially thank you Leah Piken Kolidas for organizing this event. I loved seeing all your tired Mama pictures.

Until next year.