Friday, November 22, 2013

TUV is for Tripped Up by Virus

Or maybe by the vaccines I took on Tuesday to prevent flu and pneumonia. All I know is that two days are gone and I am finally starting to feel better.

In case you did not know, creativity is not necessarily enhanced by sickness. I missed my printing class, and two that I teach - but lying in bed I did have time to THINK UP VARIATIONS (get it? TUV) and the part they play in my art.

I have drawn and painted numerous variations on this cat theme - on my own and in classes - I like this one because the idea was to use only hot colors on the cat and cool colors on the background - and match the eyes to the background. He is a favorite because he reminds my of my beautiful cat Charlie who is no longer with us. So, this guy hangs in my studio. He is oil pastel and sharpie on textured heavy paper - 11x14".

Since Charlie always knew how to make me feel better - I thought he deserved a place on the blog today.