Thursday, November 14, 2013

N is for Next

Today was my monotype printing class; my chance to be the student.

I am proud to say that I was much neater and made much less of a mess this week. I find working with oil based ink, and all the unfamiliar tools, and all the stuff you need - such as stencils and mark makers, and bits of textured this and that, a little challenging. I am not neat by nature, but I am eager to learn new stuff.

In this class I am learning to work with the paint knives and the brayers, and the different (unlimited) techniques for making marks on the Plexiglas plate. Its a little overwhelming, and as I keep saying, absolutely fascinating.

These two prints are from the last class. The top one was done first and printed. The second was designed on the ghost of the first - bringing some color, texture and shapes along. I followed the same process today - and the three prints I created are drying in the print workshop. You will have to wait a week to see them.

These are approx. 8"x11"