Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Aa is for Art Accomplished

Today was a busy day. Art class in the morning resulted in three monotypes.

This one was created in class two weeks ago and I just got it home. It is the second print, created on the ghost of another. It carries the background greens and yellows, which I enhanced and then added the imprints of the flowers I carved and a butterfly stencil I altered to add more round shapes. This is a very interesting process - I have so much to learn ... yay.

Art class for my seniors this afternoon resulted in some "gourdgeous" work as we created patterned pumpkins and squash. I am always fascinated by the variety of images created, and how, once we get started, past the initial confusion and lost looks, silence and focus descends, and art is made.

I love this one by Betty.

Happy Thanksgiving all.