Thursday, November 1, 2012

A is for Art Everyday for a Month Challenge AGAIN

Roller Coaster
November has begun, and so has the 2012 Art Everyday for a Month Challenge. This is the third year I have participated, and if the past two years are any indication, this month will be challenging, delightful and slightly terrifying. And, a great way to get in touch with other artists.

In the past, the work I created reflected my place in my own learning. Year one was more about drawing, last year was all about abstraction. This year, not only am I still deeply into my journey as an abstract painter, but I have also been studying color theory and working with a limited palette.

Aurora working on her roller coaster
Most of all though, this year I am teaching art. My students range in age from 5 to 95! Since I have such a variety of students and abilities, I need to spend considerable art time each week preparing lessons that can meet very specific and individual needs. This means less painting and more drawing. Fewer acrylics and more ... anything and everything. This also means a lot of practice and a lot of full sketch books. The process of regularly generating new ideas, practicing them, analyzing them for ease and accessibility has had a profound impact on my paintings. They are often simpler and much more fun. Add to this all my work in color theory  - my painting are evolving and my sense of my own skill is growing.

So, this month, I will be writing about painting, about abstract art, about some of the new and wonderful materials and media I have encountered this year, about my students, and the cool projects I am coming up with so that they can feel successful and able. I will also, no doubt, be using my digital camera and digital tools to help me share my work, and maybe, the work of some of my talented students. This feels like an ambitious list, but thirty days is a long time, and lots of pages to fill.

The drawing on this page is inspired by my young student AJ. He suggested we paint roller coasters. I love his idea and have done several versions. This one is color pencil on sandpaper - a WOW combination I discovered purely by accident.